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Grand Indeed

Grand Indeed This is a 20 by 14 (paper) original watercolor painting Grand Indeed and matted for a 28 by 22 frame . This landscape watercolor painting is of the Arizona Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon, grand indeed! Having lived in Arizona for nearly 30 years, I visited the canyon many times. I stood at the many overlooks, wishing to be the eagle soaring there with the optimum visual sensation of the canyon\'s vastness. I hiked the Bright Angel Trail to the springs below, experiencing first hand the sheer magnitude of her vertical walls in the descent. In this painting I aimed to capture the seemingly endless canyon ribboned with silver of the Colorado River so far below the rim. The cactus is representative of the south rim, semi-arid chaparral environment; the north rim being more forested and unique in its remoteness, is less touristy. I recommend both

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