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Red Crow at Sunrise

Red Crow at Sunrise is a 24 by 29 Landscape Art Quilt. This Quilt captures the true spirit of the American West is clearly represented in the history and cultures of the American Indian. Centuries before the first white man appeared in America, many tribes were scattered across this vast country. Each tribe was uniquely identifiable by language, clothing, art, tools , weapons, harvests, hunts, ceremonial traditions, and specifically by territory. But all tribes shared an ancestry with the Great Spirit of the land, a pagan and hauntingly beautiful religion that has survived to today through the legends and lore of the American Indian. The Mandan of South and later North Dakota was a strong, peaceful tribe of estimated 15,000 until nearly wiped out by smallpox. Their villages were trading centers along the Missouri River and prototyped the American West Indian trading post. They made boats of branches and buffalo hides. They built large round lodges and harvested corn, beans, and squash. The famous explorers Lewis and Clark encountered and wrote about the Mandan in 1805, numbering them at about 1200. Thirty years later smallpox attacked again and reduced the tribe to a mere 125. Thereafter they intermarried with the Arikara tribe and eventually rebuilt their villages.

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framed watercolor painting

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