Paintings with Fabric

Pierre Mion with juried in Artist Jeanine Malaney

Internationally know artist and illustrator, Pierre Mion juried in Artist Jeanine Malaney for his art exhibit.

Pierre Mion and Jeanine Malaney display watercolor paintings

In August, we look forward to an exhibit Pierre Mion, an internationally known artist and illustrator who worked with Norman Rockwell for 12 years and has exhibited worldwide.

Mion brings a wealth of talent and experience to his exhibit, helping locals discover the joy and excitement of doing watercolors.

The opening reception for this stimulating exhibit is scheduled for 5-7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 10, 2006 at the PSAC Town Park Art Gallery. We hope you will circle the date and plan to attend.

This exhibit is particularly impressive for attendees in light of the fact that Mion worked with well-know illustrator, Norman Rockwell, for twelve years. Norman Rockwell stated, “Pierre Mion has packed a lot of remarkable experience and fine work into what, to me, seems a short career. When working with me he has always been so kind, intelligent and understanding. He has a great deal of talent.” Pierre Mion is a PSAC member and serves on the PSAC Board. Mion was commissioned to illustrate a great variety of subjects including historical, oceanographic, architectural, geological, mining, forestry, environmental and transportation, Pierre Mion is best known for his outer space paintings. His works have been exhibited worldwide and are included in the NASA fine arts collection and the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum’s collection.

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