Paintings with Fabric

Arts Perspective Magazine features Jeanine

Arts Perspective Magazine featured Jeanine Malaney's fabric art painting "Penstemon on Saguaro".

Penstemon on Saguaro

"Texture" is the theme of the Southwest Colorado Arts Perspective Magazine Spring 2006. Jeanine's Paintings with Fabric are all about Texture. The fabric collage layers intrigue visual perception, giving a three dimensional aspect to realistic fine art, enticing the viewer to look closer, to step inside, to go to that place of peace and spiritual renewal that her serene landscapes provide. Food for the soul. An escape from our cares and worries. A reflection of the positive.

"The past becomes a texture, an ambience to our present,” Paul Scott said. "Every moment and experience and creation is woven into our being. We are constantly changing form, becoming more tactile, adding layers of harmony, melody and rhythm to the music that is our life."

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