Paintings with Fabric

Artist Jeanine Malaney donates

Artist Jeanine Malaney donates a Fabric Art Painting Spirit of the West IV to be auctioned at the annual benefit dinner February 10 at 6:30 held at the Pagosa Lakes Clubhouse (230 Port Ave).

LASSO specific purpose is the survival, safety, and humane treatment of hoofed animals, with the objective of educating animal owners regarding proper feeding, housing and care.

The LASSO group intervenes when an animal's survival and well being is in jeopardy due to:

When the owner is unwilling or unable to provide these basic necessities for an animal, the LASSO members will provide proper housing, food, or veterinary care until such time appropriate measures can be taken to ensure either the safe return of the animal to the owner or placement in another suitable home.

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