Paintings with Fabric



Your fabric painting should be feather-dusted regularly. Once or twice a year you should carefully/gently vacuum the material, front and back, with your vacuum cleaner hose attachment (if not framed under glass).


Protection from sunlight/UV rays

Never hang your fabric painting where direct sunlight shines on it and can fade the material.


If the painting has wrinkles or creases from shipping, use a steam iron set on cotton to press from the back side or steam (not iron) from the front side.

If wood framing is used, be sure wood is not raw but has been sealed. Some resins in unsealed wood may be absorbed by the fabric causing deterioration or staining.

Mount your fabric painting in the frame by stapling it along the binding. Do not stretch too tight or you may lose some of the 3-dimensional texture of the quilting.

If framing under glass, allow space between the glass and the fabric. The fabric should not touch the glass or you will lose some of the 3-dimensional texture of the fabric collage or the quilting. Some people chose to use UV protection glass or UV protection plexi-glass.

Thank you for your purchase! Enjoy!