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"Soup for the Soul" benefit

Hospice of Mercy's "Soup for the Soul" benefit dinner displays local artist's painting

While other nonprofit organizations may wait until the busy times of the year, summer or fall, for their fund-raising events, Hospice of Mercy takes advantage of the slow season to entice supporters for an evening out. They are rewarded with the comforting things a warm bowl of soup, good company, and supporting a worthy cause does for your health and your soul.

Hospice of Mercy hosts its annual Soup for the Soul fund-raiser as it strives to help those who are in their end-of-life journey. Hospice of Mercy provides assistance to hundreds of people and their families by offering care with comfort, dignity and peace at a very difficult time. On Thursday, March 2, 2006 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the community center, bowls of soup, salad, breads, desserts and beverages will be provided by some of our well-known, local chefs.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for this worthy cause. You can contact Don Strait at 769-4924. Tickets are also now available at the Chamber for this dinner for $10 each. Those of us who have had to utilize the service know how difficult this time of life can be for the patient and the families. Hospice of Mercy is a bright star for those who must suffer. I hope we'll see many supporters enjoying bowls of soup on March 2.

Hospice of Mercy Volunteer Don Strait has been honored with a watercolor painting "Hand of Hospice" from local Pagosa Springs artist and Hospice volunteer Jeanine Malaney. Don has chosen to display this painting at the benefit for all to enjoy.

The Hand of Hospice

Watercolor Painting "The Hand of Hospice"

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